Interns and Fellows Selected for 2011 Summer Research Program

Twenty-two undergraduate student interns and two faculty fellows have been selected to participate in the 2011 WV-INBRE Summer Research Program at West Virginia University and Marshall University. Eleven interns and one fellow will be located at each campus. The selection process for the internships was highly competitive. Sixty-eight applications were reviewed to fill the twenty-two positions. The applicant pool was the largest in the history of the program. Interns come from ten of the fourteen Primarily Undergraduate Institutions in the WV-INBRE network.

The Summer Research Program will run from May 31 – July 29. Interns and fellows will conduct biomedical research projects under the direction of faculty mentors and present the results at their research at the Summer Research Symposium which is scheduled for July 28 at Marshall University. The morning session of the symposium will consist of oral presentations by participants and a keynote lecture by Dr. Terrence Monks from the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center. Poster presentations will be held in the afternoon.

Summer Research Program Participants at West Virginia University

Interns Mentor
Arielle Baker – West Virginia Wesleyan College Dr. James O'Donnell
Rachel Brown – Concord University Dr. Patrick Callery
Carissa Dunn – Davis & Elkins College Dr. Peter Stoilov
Ryan Johnson – Bethany College Dr. Hunter Zhang
Sara Kurian – Shepherd University Dr. Bingyun Li
Gabrielle LaFata - West Virginia Wesleyan College Dr. John Hollander
Kyle Oney – Alderson-Broaddus College Dr. Michael Schaller
Kathleen Roberts - West Virginia Wesleyan College Dr. Mark Olfert
Emily Sechrest – Bethany College Dr. Rosana Schafer
Anthony Thorpe – Alderson-Broaddus College Dr. Robert Brock
Kiril Tuntevski – University of Charleston Dr. Slawomir Lukomski
Dr. Kimberly Fisher – Bethany College Dr. William Wonderlin


Summer Research Program Participants at Marshall University

Interns Mentor
Hannah Cavender – West Virginia State University Dr. Larry Grover
Joshua Kim – West Virginia State University Dr. Gary Rankin
Benjamin Kordusky - West Virginia Wesleyan College Dr. Elaine Hardman
Andre Lamyaithong – Wheeling Jesuit University Dr. Monica Valentovic
Emma Levin-Nielson - West Virginia Wesleyan College Dr. Richard Egleton
Daniel Mai – University of Charleston Dr. Jung Han Kim
Sarah Monsheimer – University of Charleston Dr. Simon Collier
Niraj Nepal – West Virginia State University Dr. Eric Blough
Rebekah Sine – Alderson-Broadus College Dr. Maria Serrat
Megan Smith – Alderson-Broaddus College Dr. Hongwei Yu
Richard Thomas - West Virginia Wesleyan College Dr. Philippe Georgel
Dr. Gary Morris – Glenville State College Dr. Travis Salisbury