WV-INBRE Summer Research program for High School Science Educators

A 2024 Summer Research Internship program for high school science educators sponsored by the WV-INBRE program has been created. Participants will have the opportunity to work on a biomedical research project for up to 9 weeks from May 30 through July 30, 2024. Based on the high school’s academic calendar, these dates are flexible. Participation is open to high school science educators who teach in the state of West Virginia during the 2023-2024 academic school year. As many as 5 positions will be available. Preference may be given to HSTA teachers and those teachers who work in HSTA-affiliated schools. A salary of $9,000 will be provided to each intern for the full 9-week period or $1000/40-hour week if they work less than the 9 weeks, and $$$$ will be provided to the mentor’s laboratory for supplies. Research opportunities exist in biomedical labs at West Virginia University, Marshall University, and at WV-INBRE-funded laboratories at some partner institutions. The following partner institutions with funding are Bluefield State College, Shepherd University, West Liberty University, West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, and West Virginia Wesleyan University. This year the potentially funded labs are:

Dr. Tesfaye Belay - Bluefield State College
Dr. S. Roberson - Bluefield State College
Dr. Qing Wang - Shepherd University
Dr. Shinichi Asano - WV School of Osteopathic Medicine
Dr. Stuart Cantlay - West Liberty University
Dr. Joseph Horzempa - West Liberty University
Dr. Holly Racine - West Liberty University
Dr. Deanna Schmitt - West Liberty University
Dr. Jasmine Porter - West Virginia State University
Dr. Yi Charlie Chen - West Virginia Wesleyan College

Please visit the WV-INBRE-Funded Partner Institutions Mentors Directory for a list of abstracts and contact information for these investigators.

For those teachers interested in pursuing their internship at West Virginia University or Marshall University, please visit the Mentors Directory of West Virginia University & Marshall University participants for a list of abstracts and contact information.

Application for 2024 Summer Research Internship Program for High School Science Educators
WV-INBRE-Funded Partner Institutions (PUIs) Mentors Directory
West Virginia University & Marshall University Mentors Directory for Summer Internship