WV-INBRE / West Virginia IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence / NIH (NIGMS) Grant # P20GM103434

WV-INBRE Steering Committee

The WV-INBRE Steering Committee is comprised of four members of the Administrative Core (Principal Investigator, Program Coordinator, Bioinformatics Core Director and Genomics Core Director), the Vice President for Research at Marshall University, a representative from the Vice President for Health Science Research at West Virginia University, one researcher and one administrator from each partner institution with a major research award, and two representatives from additional partner institutions. Each of these members is a voting member. Members of the External Advisory Committee attend all Steering Committee meetings as non-voting members.

Administrative Core Voting Members
Principal Investigator, Marshall University Gary Rankin, PhD
[email protected]
(304) 696-7313
Program Coordinator, West Virginia University Stan Hileman, PhD
[email protected]
(304) 293-1502
Bioinformatics Core Director, Marshall University Jim Denvir, PhD
[email protected]
(304) 696-7327
Genomics Core Director, Marshall University Don Primerano, PhD
[email protected]
(304) 696-7338
Partner Institutions Voting Members
Alderson-Broaddus University Yi Charlie Chen, PhD
Asst. Professor, Biology
[email protected]
(304) 457-6277

Joan Propst, PhD
Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
[email protected]
(304) 457-6267
Shepherd University Qing Wang, PhD
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
[email protected]
(304) 876-5643

Robert Warburton, PhD
Acting Dean, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
[email protected]
(304) 876-5401
West Liberty University Joseph Horzempa, PhD
Assistant Professor, Biology
[email protected]

Karen Kettler, PhD
Interim Dean, College of Sciences
[email protected]
(304) 336-8070
West Virginia State University Naveed Zaman, PhD
Dean, College of Natural Science and Mathematics
[email protected]
(304) 766-4248
West Virginia Wesleyan College Bruce Anthony, PhD
Assistant Professor, Chemistry/Biochemistry
[email protected]
(304) 473-7823
Additional Voting Members
Vice-President of Research, Marshall University John Maher, PhD
[email protected]
(304) 696-4748
Representative from the Vice President for Health Science Research, West Virginia University Christopher Cuff, PhD
Professor, Microbiology, Immunology & Cell Biology
[email protected]
(304) 293-7823
External Advisory Committee, non-Voting
College of Pharmacy
University of South Carolina
Stephen Cutler, PhD
[email protected]
(803) 777-4151
Associate Professor of Biology
Seton Hill University
Jamie Fornsaglio, PhD
[email protected]
(724) 830-1593 x6105
Chair, Dept. of Cell & Molecular Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
Hollings Cancer Center
University of South Carolina
Kenneth Tew, PhD
[email protected]
(843) 792-2514
Director, Advanced Genome Technologies Core
The University of Vermont
Tim Hunter, PhD
[email protected]
(802) 656-2559
Director of Center for Colon Cancer Research
Professor, Biological Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences
University Of South Carolina
Franklin G. Berger, PhD
[email protected]
(803) 777-1171

Revised: 11 Dec 2018