WV-INBRE / West Virginia IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence / NIH (NIGMS) Grant # P20GM103434

Developmental Project Program Overview

WV-INBRE provides developmental research support to lead and partner institution investigators. These awards include major PUI research awards, faculty research development awards (FRDAs), Center for Natural Products Research (CNPR) pilot awards, Cancer Biology Research Pilot Program (CBR) Awards, and Chronic Disease Research Program (CDRP) pilot grants. The Faculty Research Development Program also provides travel awards to scientific meetings, funds for registering for and attending workshops in line with the goals and objectives of WV-INBRE, and equipment awards. Each award program is described below in more detail. All funded investigators (and/or their postdoctoral, graduate or undergraduate designees) are required to present their research results at the Summer Research Symposium.

A. Major PUI Research Awards
B. Faculty Research Development Awards (FRDAs)
C. Center for Natural Products Research Pilot (CNPR) Awards
D. Cancer Biology Research Pilot (CBR) Awards
E. Chronic Disease Research Program (CDRP) Pilot Grants
F. Travel Awards
G. Support for PUI Publication Costs